There is nothing that is going to stop these incredible humans down, becoming models, actors, and special needs activists.
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Amazing People With Disabilities

There is nothing that is going to stop these incredible humans down, becoming models, actors, and special needs activists.

RJ Mitte
Famously known for his portrayal as Walter White’s son, Walter Jr. or Flynn, RJ Mitte was born with cerebral palsy just like his character in Breaking Bad. This congenital disorder affects the body’s movement, motor skills, and muscle tone. Because of this, he was given leg braces and crutches in order to help him walk, though, over time he grew stronger with sports and exercise and he no longer required them when he reached his teenage years. Mitte has gone on to star in several other tv shows and films, along with modeling and being a celebrity ambassador for United Cerebral Palsy.

Jamie Brewer
The 31-year-old actress was born with the condition known as Down Syndrome that is caused as a result of a third copy of Chromosome 21. Brewer broke onto the acting scene back in 2011 when a friend gave her word about a tv show that was looking for a woman with down syndrome to play a girl with down syndrome. That show would later come to be known as the binge-worthy American Horror Story where she portrayed Adelaide Langdon in the show’s first season. She would later return for the shows 3rd and 4th seasons respectively. She has gone on to pursue better treatment and visibility for people with IDD, an intellectual or developmental disability, through her activism and she recently became the first model with down syndrome to ever walk in New York Fashion Week.

Stephen Hawking
The world famous theoretical physicist happens to suffer from ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease that slowly took his freedom of movement and ultimately paralyzed him. He was told that he only had a mere two years to live when he was diagnosed at the young age of 21. He defied those odds and went on to have many accomplishments in his fields of study. He began to use crutches at first, but then became wheelchair bound and finally in 2009 he lost the ability to operate his wheelchair by himself and requires a breathing ventilator to help him. His life was recently adapted into the film The Theory of Everything where you can see Eddie Redmayne portray him

Nick Santonastasso
19-year-old Nick Santonastasso was born with Hanhart Syndrome, a rare congenital disease that left him without any legs, an undeveloped right arm, and a left arm that only has 1 finger on it. At the time of his birth, he was the only the 12th case of Hanhart Syndrome in the entire world. Back in 2014, he teamed up with the head makeup artist for the Walking Dead and pulled a prank on the tv show’s star Norman Reedus. The vine has since gone viral amassing over 8 million views on Youtube. Not just a famous vine star, he’s also a singer, musician and was a wrestler for his high school team. Nick says that even though he has his bad days where he wishes he was “normal”, he says he wouldn’t change because of how he loves to inspire his fans.

Jack Eyers
Jack Eyers made history last year at New York Fashion Week when he became the first amputee male model to walk down the runway. The then 25-year-old model was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency which stunted the growth of his right leg and ultimately he chose to have the leg amputated at 16 due to the discomfort that it was causing him. He happens to be a spokesperson for Models of Diversity, an agency that strives to promote diversity and inclusion on the catwalk. He states that he wants more inclusion for models with disabilities and that having a disability doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as something that holds you back.

Noah Galloway
The 34-year-old Army veteran was a Sergeant who happened to lose both his left arm and his left leg after he was injured in an IED attack. Once he left the army, he became a personal trainer and motivational speaker where he talks to school children and veterans leaving them with his mantra “no excuses”. He would later go on to become a model for various brands such as Armitron Watches and he placed third in the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars with his partner Sharna Burgess.

Aimee Mullins
Mullins was born with a condition known as fibular hemimelia which results in the individual missing their fibula bones and because of this she had to have her legs amputated up to her knees when she was only a year old. She went on to become an incredible athlete in softball, track and field, and skiing. Mullins made history as the first amputee person in history to compete in the NCAA. Not only is she an accomplished athlete, but she also happens to a model and an actress who’s starred in several different shows, her current role on the Netflix show Stranger Things.

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