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Who Labyrinthus is for?

For you, your family and friends to have fun, test anxiety and compete in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

In these days when many want everything to happen individually and quickly, this board game gives us the opportunity to have fun with our family and with our friends, in an inclusive and accessible way.

These days when many of us want everything to happen individually and quickly, this board game provides us with the opportunity to have fun with our family and with our friends, in an inclusive and accessible way.


Entering the labyrinth will not be easy, getting out of it will require a lot of patience and determination.

Quick guide for playing Labyrinthus


The Labyrinthus is played by rolling a dice or by drawing a domino piece. You start the game by drawing the number 1 or 6. Every time you take 6, you can roll the dice again or draw another one of the dominoes.

You can move from square 1 or square 6 to the house number drawn by the dice or domino stone.

You can move forward or backwards within a path by adding or subtracting a number drawn to the square you are in (You are in square 2, draw 3, you can go to square 3 or to square 5; You are in square 4, draw 3, you can go to square 3 or square 1).

You can move to the next level only when you get the number 6.

You are required to move whenever possible. Players roll the dice in a counterclockwise order.

When you reach a square where other pieces are, all pieces, including yours, must return to the closest square with the number 6.

You cannot go back to previous levels.

As previously agreed between the players, the game is won, or a player’s piece is removed, when arriving at an express exit, which happens by getting square 1, where it is accompanied by two smiling faces.

Have Fun!!!!

About the Labyrinthus board

With blue borders and yellow path on a white background, the Labyrinthus board can be understood as a table formed by five long vertical columns and by eleven horizontal short lines, all blue. Both the entrance and the exit of the LABYRINTHUS are marked with a blue directional arrow. At the entrance there is a single number 1 and at the exit the number 1 is accompanied by a smiling face. There are 10 different levels, each level is numbered, each level starts at a square with the number 6 and is labeled.

You start the game at column 1, line 11. When entering square 1, and following the yellow path, you will come across numbers drawn with black dots on a white background, as in a domino piece or a dice.

In the corridor leading to the first level, the numbers range from 1 to 6, the 6 being represented by two columns and 3 rows of dots. This number 6, located in column 5, line 11, indicates the first level of the game.

Every time there is a cell or square with the number 6, there will be a passage to the next level of the maze. So when you reach the square with the first number 6, you reach the first level and you are ready to go to level 2.

When you reach the square with the second number six (column 5, line 8), there will be a passage for the third level and an opening for a “dead end” Chamber. There are two Dead End Chambers: the first comprises lines 6 and 7 of column 5. The second is at level four (at column 4, lines 3 and 4).

There are three express exits in the maze. They are marked by the number 1, accompanied by two smiling faces. An Express Exit is in the second column, line 10, next to the square indicating Level 7. Another two Express Exits are in column 3, lines 3 and 4 respectively.

Upon reaching an Express Exit, the game is won or a player is drawn out, as agreed before the game begins. You can reach the Express Exit of column 3, line 4, entering the Special Passage for number 5, which is next to the level 3 (column 4, line 8).

You can also enter the Special Pass from level 8, drawing the number 2. The Special Passage is identified by its green color.

How to play Labyrinthus

The Labyrinthus is played by drawing a dice or a domino piece. In this case, one can use the six doubles or one of the piece combination of zero and “X” (for example, 3 and 3, 4 and 4, zero and 2, zero and 5, white and 6 etc).

The movement in the game begins when the first player draws the number 1 or 6 in the dice or in the domino. The other players can only move when they draw either number 1 or 6. The order to roll the dice or draw the domino is counterclockwise.

One can move through the maze according to the number one draws from the dice or domino. Whenever possible, you should move through the Labyrinthus, going forward or backwards, depending on the number drawn, or adding or subtracting the number from the square number you are in.

For example, if you are in square 1 and draws 2, you can go to square 2 or, adding 2 to 1, you can go to square 3. If you are in square 3 and draw 2, you can go to square 5, to square 2 or by subtracting 2 to 3, you can go back to square 1.

*** You can only go to square 6 if you draw 6.

*** Once you reach a certain level you cannot go back to a previous level.

When you are at level 1, you can move towards level 2 by drawing 4 or 2. You can reach level 2 only by drawing 6. Being level 2, moves to level 3, taking another 6. However, if you draw 5 or 3, you enter the so-called Dead End Chamber.

When you are at level 3, you can move towards level 4 only by drawing the number 3. You can move from level 3, straight to level 4 by drawing 6. Also from level 3, you can enter the Special Passage, drawing the number 5 or you can go to level 7, by drawing the number 4.

When you are at level 4, you can move towards level 5 by drawing number 6. However, if you draw  4 or 2, you enter the so-called Dead End Chamber.

From level 5, you can move towards level 6, by drawing 5 or 3. You can to level 6, by drawing 6. From level 6, you can move to the Exit Pathway by drawing number 2 or enter in the Chamber with the Express Exit, by drawing number 5. You can only get to the Express Exit in this chamber if you draw 1.

Level 7 is located in column 2, line 9. Once in level 7, you can find the Express Exit,  by drawing number 1. From level 7 you can towards level 8 by drawing 5 or 4. You can only reach level 8 by drawing 6.

From level 8, you can enter the Special Passage by drawing number 2. Once in the Special Passage, you can go back to level 8 or reach the Express Exit. The Exit is can only be reached by drawing 1.

*** You cannot go back to level 3. However, you are allowed to go back to level 8 when you are in square 2 and draw 6.

From level 8, you can move towards level 9 by drawing 5, 4 or 3. You can move to level 9 only by drawing number 6.

From level 9 you can proceed to the Exit Pathway, towards level 10, by drawing 1. Level 10 is reached only by drawing 6, provided that you are in squares 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

From level 10 onwards, you can only reach the exit by drawing 1.


  • Labyrinthus is played with 1, 2 or 3 pieces per player.
  • The game starts when a player draws 1 or 6. The others can only move the pieces when they also draw 1 or 6.
  • Whenever you draw 6, you can roll dice again.
  • When a player draws a number and positions himself in a given square, all the pieces of that square return to the nearest square. For example, if you draw 3, being at level 2, you enter the Dead End Chamber. In order for you to go back to level 2, you will need to draw 6 or another player shoul draw number 3 back to the previous six.
  • If you have a piece in square 6 of level 2, and another piece in square 3 of the Dead End Chamber and draw a 3, you have to move your piece from square 6 to square 3, and return the piece from square 3 to level 6 square 2. Also, if you have a piece in square 5 and another in square 3 and you draw 2, you will move the player from square 3 to square 5; and the player in square 5 will return to square 6 of level 2. And that goes for any player: every time a player arrives at an already occupied square, the occupants return to the nearest square 6.

Tips for printing and adapting

The LABYRINTHUS is designed to be printed in A3 size. However, you can set the printer to print the gameboard in A4 size. LABYRINTHUS is to be printed in color. However, it is also possible to play LABYRINTHUS in black and white printing.

In order for the game to be accessible to people who are blind or have low vision, you can glue a string over the blue lines and mark the dots of the numbers with colored glue or other paint that produces relief.

You can also glue a strip of 180g or thicker paper on the blue lines, even covering some of the white areas, as long as you do not cover the numbers or make it difficult to perceive them.

For people with low vision A3 size printing should suffice. In any case, it is best to ask visually impaired players what best suits their visual needs.

Now you can just call your friends and family, and together have fun, test your tolerance for getting stuck, without being able to get out of LABYRINTHUS fast.

Enjoy yourselves!!!!

Developed by Prof. Francisco Lima, UFPE, Brazil, 2018.

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